Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam 2021

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam – What is EVA foam? This material in life has very high applicability, but not many people know about the properties, advantages and applications of EVA foam. In this article, we will bring you the most useful information about EVA foam products.

What is EVA foam?

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam
Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

EVA foam has the full name of this type of foam, which is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it is known as a compound of the two, Ethylene and Acetate. This is a super light and useful manufacturing material.

With this type of foam, depending on the technical requirements, it is possible to add or reduce additives to improve the physical properties of the product and meet the needs of use.

Ethylene and Acetate combined will usually account for between 7% and 60%. Especially, if EVA foam has a large Vinyl Acetate component, the elasticity will be better. If Vinyl Acetate is smaller, its properties will be more similar to PE.

In order to have EVA foam products, it is necessary to have a modern production line, good machinery and need to create enough pressure to reach over 2500 ATM to ensure.

Features and advantages of EVA foam

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam
Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

EVA foam has many useful advantages and is applied in many different products. Those salient features are:

  • Impressive elastic properties, better than rubber. Besides, it is also more aesthetic, more beautiful than rubber.
  •  Has very good waterproof properties, resistant to some harmful chemicals.
  • EVA foam has the characteristics of weather resistance, high durability.
  • Resistant to impact forces.
  • EVA foam effectively insulates, useful in many cases. In addition, it has electrical and sound insulation capabilities.
  • Handy and light in weight
  • Safe and environmentally friendly product, EVA foam is not moldy.
  • The feature of machining and manufacturing to the desired shape is very easy, making it very convenient.

Applications and uses of EVA foam are useful in life

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam
Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

In life and production of EVA foam products is very necessary. The product has high applicability with characteristics such as sound insulation, heat insulation and electrical insulation:

  • EVA foam with wax and resin combine to form hot melt adhesives.
  • Good heat and force resistance, so it is used as a quality and beautiful floor mat.
  • Application to make soundproof panels, house insulation.
  • Used as production materials in the packaging industry: electronic pads, tray products, EVA foam boxes that are resistant to shock and impact.
  • Is an indispensable material for the production of goods such as suitcases, bags, backpacks, shoes and hats.
  • Making slippers with good durability, no smell, cheap price compared to products from natural rubber.
  • High applicability used to produce a number of children’s toy products.
  • EVA foam is used as a packaging material for silicon cells used in the production of photovoltaic modules.
  • Used to make decorative products such as embroidery, artificial flowers.

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam
Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

Contact Cement is the primary glue that I use for gluing EVA Foam.

The glue is cheap, smooth to return back by (you could get it in each hardware or crafts store), and is simple to use.

It is likewise very correct while gluing  portions together.

You will want quite a few touch cement for nearly all your EVA Foam projects, consider me! Especially in case you plan to attach massive floor areas.

It doesn’t count in case you use the liquid or the gel variation of touch cement. They each paintings nicely and fee nearly the same. I in my opinion decide upon the gel in reality due to the fact it’s miles a bit simpler to follow.

To use Contact Cement in reality follow a small layer on each portion, which you need to attach and permit the layer to dry for some minutes.

Sometimes the glue is being absorbed via means of the EVA Foam (relying at the density of your foam).

So in case you see, that the layer of glue, which you applied, could be very mild and isn’t always honestly tacky, then in reality follow some other layer to the EVA Foam.

When each layer is dry to touch however nonetheless a bit cheesy it’s time to press the portions collectively.

Graph each of your portions and punctiliously align them. Then press them together and they ought to immediately stick together.

Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam
Best Contact Cement For EVA Foam

You can preserve running to your undertaking however the glue will best be absolutely dry after about an hour.

Once it’s far from absolutely dry the glue portions will keep collectively very well. Before that, you’re nonetheless capable of separating them with sufficient force.

If you miss-align the 2 portions otherwise you definitely made a big mistake, then don’t pressure out. You can definitely separate the 2 portions, easy the perimeters from the glue through lightly pulling the glue off together along with your fingers or, if it won’t come off easily, you could additionally sand the glue away carefully.

Then reapply the glue and repeat the stairs above.

Most Prop Makers and Cosplayers use Contact Cement to attach EVA Foam as it is simple to apply and bonds flawlessly with EVA Foam.

I could fairly propose the usage of Contact Cement, from all of the exceptional Glues, that I attempted this glue is through some distance the only that labored the excellent for me.


That’s all about EVA foam and best contact cement for EVA foam. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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