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Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board? Cemboard panels are considered as one of the product lines that create new breakthroughs for the building materials market today. So what is a cemboard? What advantages do they have that make them so popular?

What is a Cemboard?

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Cemboard is a type of sheet product made from Portland cement, fine sand and wood fiber or high-grade cellulose fiber with fire resistance, water resistance, instead of traditional materials, easy construction and installation.

Cemboard panels are applied in construction works no matter how big or small such as: making partitions, partition walls, making fake floors, moisture-resistant ceilings in construction and in interior and exterior of houses to reduce construction time and construction load.

Cemboard is an acronym in English for Cement Board, reading through the name of this material we can also briefly understand the main structural component of Cemboard which is cement (>70%) produced with the same size standard 1m22 x 2m44 sheets and different thicknesses.

Structure and specifications of the cemboard

Cement board is made up of many components, which are mixed according to the right formula to create the strongest cemboard composite. Specifically, the ingredients in the cement cemboard are as follows:

Cellulose fiber

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Cellulose fiber is commonly known as softwood fiber, made from plants including conifers such as pine, conifer, etc. Cellulose fiber board is mainly composed of cement and cellulose fiber, manufactured according to The most modern laminating technology today.

Cellulose fibers bond closely with cement to form a strong cement board that is even more resistant than traditional concrete. This product has a characteristic color of milky white, which is easy to distinguish.

Silicon Oxide Sand

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

The product has the main ingredient from silica sand. This is a sand with high fineness, giving excellent molecular bonding ability to help the cemboard become strong and durable.

In addition to silica sand, the cemboard also has a number of chemical components such as NaCl, CO2, CaCo3,…

After mixing, all raw materials are treated in conditions of temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius and pressure of 10Psi to create minerals with high density.


Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Wood chip Cemboard has a composition of cement, wood chips and water in a certain ratio. Cement material is combined with water in the correct ratio to create a uniform, uniform and extremely solid and durable cemboard block.

These ingredients will be mixed and then compressed on block pressing technology to produce the final product.

The color of the woodchip cement board is usually dark gray, inside the section has a characteristic light yellow color. The product surface is smooth and beautiful. Currently, this is the most popular and used product line with the rate of 27%.

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Prepare a scratch coat of kind N or kind S mortar. Typically, an excellent mortar blend includes one component N or S cement and 2.25 elements sand, however premixed scratch-coat mortar is likewise available.

The identical mortar used for this scratch coat also can be used for the bond coat and additionally for grouting the seams.

Likewise, is a scratch coat important for stone veneer? A scratch coat could be wished while steel lath is used. This step isn’t always important while making use of stone veneer to a wiped clean concrete, masonry, or stucco surface.

Keeping this in view, how do you put in steel lath on concrete?

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Hold the lath in opposition to the wall with the diamonds produced from increasing the mesh pointed upward.

Secure it in an area with the use of 7/8-inch concrete nails with a washing machine over the nail shaft to preserve down the mesh strands. Drive the nails through the mesh into the concrete wall using a hammer.

Advantages of cement board

Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board
Do I Need A Scratch Coat On Cement Board

Cement board has many outstanding advantages and is gradually replacing traditional cement materials:

  • For outstanding fire and water resistance: The product is not deformed, warped, moldy even when used in harsh weather conditions.
  • No dust: The surface of the cemboard is absolutely dust-proof, providing a clean and fresh living space for users.
  • High bearing capacity: The product creates a solid structure for the house. According to the test, the cemboard panel shows that its bearing capacity is better than that of traditional heavy concrete.
  • Good insulation: The product has good insulation and is resistant to evaporation, significantly saving electric energy costs for cooling and air-conditioning systems.
  • Safe for health: Products made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, safe for users’ health.
  • Highly aesthetic: The surface of the cemboard is smooth and flat with high aesthetic appeal.
  • Ease of construction: The product is light in weight, can be sawed, cut, planed … easy to decorate the surface.
  • High durability: The service life is over 30 years, can be quickly disassembled


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