How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board – Best Guide 2021

How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board – Nowadays, the use of cement boards to make floors, partitions … is becoming very popular in the construction industry.

Many customers now want to construct cement boards but are still confused about how to use them properly. They do not know what advantages they have to apply to their work.

Here we would like to introduce to you the construction method and advantages of this type of cement board.

Cemboard floor construction techniques

How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board
How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board

Thicknesses for Cemboard Flooring: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm – these thicknesses are suitable and standard according to the manufacturer’s instructions for load-bearing floors.

Depending on the load requirements and the characteristics of each project, we use the appropriate sheet thickness.

  • For motels, residential houses: use panels with a thickness of 12mm – 14mm – 16mm.
  • For warehouses – restaurants: use plates with a thickness of 18mm – 20mm

How to make warehouse floors, high-rise buildings with Cemboard panels

How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board
How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board
  • Use box iron, u, i, v as the main bearing frame system depending on the area and use of the floor.
  • Main girder (horizontal beam): are vertical bars (iron U, I 250 or 350) bearing longitudinal forces from 3500 mm to 4000 mm apart per bar.
  • If high load is required, it is recommended to reinforce iron I, C 100 – 120 or more, the connection between the main beams with a distance of 150 – 200 cm to avoid sagging and floor vibration.
  • Auxiliary beams: are horizontal bars (box iron or C) 50cm x 50cm or 50cm x 100cm horizontal load bearing spaced from 407mm to 610mm per bar. Linked welded overlapping the main beam.
  • The skeleton needs to be designed to be linked together by welding or linked by iron plates.

How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board 

How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board
How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board

However, once you mount the backer board to the ground you sincerely should seal the seams with mortar and wait till the mortar dries.

This is commonly 12 hours however can be as much as 24 hours in a few cases. After the mortar is dry the backer board is prepared to get hold of the mortar for the tile.


How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board
How Long To Wait After Taping Cement Board

Is it OK to stroll on a cement board?

You want to lock the backer-board earlier than the mortar units up underneath, so strolling on it even as it is moist isn’t always a problem.

Do you need to tape cement boards earlier than tiling?

The thinset and mesh tape are to bolster the seams. If you tile over the cement board, you have to tape the seams.

If you simply need to depart the corners untreated a good way to in all likelihood be fine, due to the fact that seam may not break up the middle of a tile.

Do you need to allow the backer board to dry earlier than tiling?

For satisfactory results, specifically on floors, concrete board must be hooked up as a minimum someday previous to putting in tile.

This offers the thinset time to harden, which reduces the threat of loosened tile and grout. If you are running in a hot, dry environment, the thinset will dry very fast.

How long does Thinset need to dry earlier than tiling? 

Give Enough Time Before Grouting The above elements like humidity and air glide have an effect on how tons dry time your thinset needs.

However, it’ll nearly usually want between 24 and forty eight hours to dry earlier than you could grout your tile. Try to use thinset whilst the temperature outdoors is among 50 and 100 degrees.


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