How To Boost Construction Osrs – Master Guide 2021

How To Boost Construction Osrs? Construction Osrs is a game that has been around for over 10 years and still going strong today. As the game continues to age, newer players will find it more difficult to progress in the game without some help.

This blog post will discuss some tips and tricks for how to boost construction osrs quickly so you can get back on track with completing quests and fulfilling those pesky side-quests!

How To Boost Construction Osrs

How To Boost Construction Osrs
How To Boost Construction Osrs

How To Boost Construction Osrs? We’ve compiled the best methods to train Construction in RuneScape so you can get your very own house or get those vital skills up for Construction XP.

These include making planks from different logs, stone bricks from limestone rocks and various ways of creating flatpacks.

We also have some other general tips for training that might be helpful:

1: Be sure to check out our daily challenges section that gives you new things to do each day which will help you earn bonus XP along the way!

2: Be sure to use boost items such as the Ectofuntus, Evil Tree and Falador shield left behind by a player-owned house’s gump. You can also place a birdhouse on your own house to get extra woodcutting xp!

3: When you plant the Evil Tree you will receive 25 evil tree roots. Save those as they can be used in Construction training with the upper level planks from teak and mahogany trees.

4:You will not need to remove an item from your tool belt when it is full, as you can right click on it and select “fill” which will set the same thing as auto attaching tools with a left click at building sites.

How long does 99 construction take Osrs?

How To Boost Construction Osrs
How To Boost Construction Osrs

How To Boost Construction Osrs? We conducted an experiment on this topic. Our conclusion was that on average it takes about 35 minutes to 99 construction in Old School RuneScape on the official servers (we don’t have any data for other game modes or private servers).

It might be slower or faster depending on your skills, but our estimate is that it would roughly take 5 hours and 15 minutes of dedicated playing to reach 99 Construction pure/ironman.

If you play casually, perhaps half of that time. That’s assuming no big spenders out there – if you are willing to pay someone else to do most tasks for you, it can be done in less than three hours.

How do you increase construction in Osrs?

Construction in runescape is a very slow skill to train especially when you are trying to get your construction level higher than the requirement of quest like The Fremennik Trials (level 30) or Enlightened Journey (level 40).

There are many quests that could help you raise your construction but they all take much time which can be used for training other skills that will give you more exp per hour.

Although if you still want to train your construction fast there might be some ways below:

1- Complete Pyramid Plunder – Level 50 – 1QP

To complete this task you need to loot all the urns and chests around the pyramid as well as plundering the coffins inside it by using a lockpick or hair clip on them.

This might take some time but if you find good locations and open many coffins at once(using teleport) you will get better exp per hour.

2- Sell/Siphon (1k+ total for full rounds)

There is a possibility that by doing this method could make your construction go up faster than any other methods.

All you have to do is siphoning stone spirits then selling back whatever number of stones you can, buying more spirits and repeat until your construction goes up.

Although this method works best when you use an ancestral robe top and bottoms as if you do this for a long time your construction could go up by 10+ but it will take days or possibly even weeks to complete the whole process.

How To Boost Construction Osrs
How To Boost Construction Osrs

3- Al-Kharid Resource dungeon – Level 35

In our opinion, this is the best method to train your construction fast as it’s not only fastest way to get there with a portal in lumbridge castle close by but all materials needed are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

As for now it’s one of the cheapest training methods since you can buy all planks from builders store for 5gp each and all nails from the general store for 1gp each so overall 10gp per urn is cheap. Also every urn has 2 nails and 1 plank inside.

4- Castle Wars – Level 70

If you have a high construction level(70+) this might be the best method to use as it’s most likely the fastest.

To do this all you have to do is getting cannonballs from player owned shops, going to catapult room in castle wars with your cannonballs and urns then just buying more cannonballs from pkers that sell them for high price overall raising your construction by 10+ every round.

This method is very effective but can’t be done above 70 due to no free urns being given out.

5- Buy Unpowered Orbs with Rings of Dueling/Construction Cape

By using this trick you will never run out of orbs and will get your construction up easily.

The only disadvantage for this method is that it takes much time due to you having to switch ring every time after using the orbs and because orbs teleport you to lumbridge cemetery.

6- Collect/Scape logs – Level 30

This way might not be the best method but if you want a bit of money while getting some decent exp then this would be your choice because you can sell all logs below yew/magic logs which are very pricey at 1k+ gp(elder+).

All other logs like eucalyptus, oak etc sell around 400gp each so its easy money while doing something else or afk.

FAQs about How To Boost Construction Osrs

How To Boost Construction Osrs
How To Boost Construction Osrs

What are the requirements?

To get 99 Construction pure/ironman in Old School RuneScape, you need a total level of 2709 or higher.

Can you boost construction Osrs?

Activating the cape’s impact will boom the corresponding talent through 1. Depending on the form of stew, any talent may be boosted or decreased through zero to five tiers randomly. Only available and usable inside a participant-owned house.

How do I begin construction in Runescape?

Construction is the talent utilized in making your very own house. To begin the talent you have to visit an Estate agent and purchase a plot of land for one thousand gp.

Please Note: For beginning the talent, as a minimum 100k is advised. If you need to perform a little critical leveling, you’ll want extra than 1m!

How do you increase your Slayer degree?

Players can raise the slayer talent with a view to be capable of killing better- degree slayer monsters.

If the participant’s slayer talent drops underneath the brink to kill a monster at the same time as preventing it, the participant will forestall attacking the monster and can be informed they want better slayer with a view to assault it.


Construction Osrs is a game that can be played on the computer. The goal of this game is to build up your own kingdom by creating new buildings and roads with gold, wood, stone or iron.

You will need to gather resources like coal and clay in order to construct these items for use later in the game. We hope you found our guide helpful!

If you are looking for more hints about how to play the game, check out some of our other articles where we talk about specific aspects such as leveling up quickly or getting started making money fast.

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