How To Get Dry Cement Off Car – Amazing Guide 2021

How To Get Dry Cement Off Car? While traveling by car, surely you cannot avoid stains such as asphalt, concrete, cement, etc. clinging to your car

These stains not only affect the painted surface of the car, but it also affects the aesthetics of the car. One of the stubborn stains that give users quite a headache is the concrete clinging to the car.

Today we will reveal to you some tips to clean concrete stuck to the car. Read the article to know more.

How To Get Dry Cement Off Car?

Use Vinegar

How To Get Dry Cement Off Car
How To Get Dry Cement Off Car

The main ingredient in vinegar is acid. Acid will break down the cement structure, thereby easily cleaning the surface of the car.

However, the acid of vinegar is light and safe, do not use concentrated acids that not only destroy the car body but also endanger the user’s life.

Step 1: Spray a sufficient amount of vinegar around the cement stain on the car, spray continuously when the vinegar shows signs of evaporation in hot dry weather, make sure the vinegar is evenly covered on the surface for 2 hours.

Based on the thickness of the cement to customize the amount of vinegar.

Step 2: After about 2 hours, the cement will peel off the adhesive surface. Use a brush with soft, elastic bristles to scrub away the cement. If the brush has not yet come out of the cement, we go back to step 1 and continue later.

Step 3: After scrubbing the cement, wash the car again with a specialized washing solution to remove all remnants of cement and residual acids.

The surface of the car will be clean, shiny like new. This method is both simple, safe and economical, but time consuming.

Use vinegar in combination with baking soda

How To Get Dry Cement Off Car
How To Get Dry Cement Off Car

Baking soda is used as a bleach, helping vinegar to speed up the process of removing cement from the car. Both have natural ingredients, safe for users.

Step 1: Mix baking soda into vinegar with a ratio of 1 vinegar: 2 baking soda to get a thick, opaque white compound.

Step 2: Apply the prepared mixture directly to the cement stain, evenly covering that layer of cement.

Step 3: Wait for about 10 minutes, use a soft brush with elasticity to scrub away the cement and the mixture.

Step 4: Wash the entire car with a dedicated car wash solution to clean the car again. This is a way to do it economically, safely, but faster than method 1. But method 3 is even faster, let’s find out.

Use a specialized cement remover solution

How To Get Dry Cement Off Car
How To Get Dry Cement Off Car

Cement remover solution was born specifically to remove stubborn cement stains, no matter how sticky the cement stains are, they easily fly away quickly.

An amount of 100ml of solution can remove about 20cm square of cement. This is how to remove cement from the car, which is recommended by experts.

How to use: Spray the solution directly on the entire cement surface, then use a soft elastic brush to clean the cement. During the bleaching process, the solution can be sprayed several times.

The maximum time for the cement to dissolve is about 3 minutes.

Sum Up

Method 1 and method 2 both use acidic ingredients. Although acid vinegar is safe, if left for a long time on the surface of the car, the paint will be adversely affected such as color fading, paint scratches.

As for the specialized cement remover solution, it does not cause damage to the car paint.

In addition, a specialized cement remover solution can also remove cement on all material surfaces without worrying about harm such as tile, metal, plastic floors.

The bleaching time varies depending on the material, but the effect is still the same.

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