How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction – Master Guide 2021

To meet the needs of being used as announcement speakers or listening to music in restaurants, clothing stores, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, etc. The need to install ceiling speakers is widely applied.

How to install ceiling speakers in new construction is not simple. Therefore, when performing the construction of ceiling speakers, special attention should be paid to the implementation steps.

Let’s find out with us right in the following article!

Learn about ceiling speaker systems

How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

Ceiling speakers are audio devices with quite a variety of applications today.

The main application of this device is for the announcement sound systems of schools, hospitals, buses, fire alarm speakers of apartment buildings, etc. And it is very special when it is crowded with people. Use this image as a speaker to listen to music.

Diverse from models, designs to components, speaker materials, applying many different technical technologies,…

Ceiling speakers come from hundreds of rich brands, many prices, to meet the needs of the vast majority of customers looking for this device.

Why is it necessary to install ceiling speakers for technical standards?

How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

Unlike the speakers we often use, we just need to arrange the placement appropriately. The ceiling speaker line works according to the system to achieve good quality.

The construction and installation of ceiling speakers is really important. important. So what are the reasons why we have to install standard ceiling speakers?

Install standard ceiling speakers to maximize efficiency

An audio device that wants them to work effectively and promote their advantages, first we need to install and set up the standard.

When you install technical standard ceiling speakers, the whole device will work more stably and the sound quality will also be much better.

If you install ceiling speakers and leave them in the wrong position, the music will sound very annoying when you turn on the music.

Make sure it is safe to use

Knowing how to install ceiling speakers will help you minimize incidents such as fire or explosion, causing danger to users.

For example, when you perform the construction of ceiling speakers, but in the wiring part, you do not use insulating tape to cover the connections, it is easy to cause them to catch fire.

Not to mention that if you use a plasterboard ceiling but install a heavy-duty ceiling speaker, it is easy to fall and damage the ceiling.

Know how to install standard ceiling speakers to save costs

If you do the standard ceiling speaker installation, calculate in advance how to properly wire the ceiling speakers, you will save quite a bit on the cost of accessories.

Moreover, if you install technical standard ceiling speakers when you want to maintain and repair anything, it will be much easier and faster.

Construction and installation of ceiling speakers to ensure aesthetics

How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

If you are building a ceiling speaker for the first time, it will be easy to encounter errors such as drilling too large a hole or confusing, confusing wiring, unscientific and aesthetic speaker layout.

Even the smallest details will make your space look less aesthetic.

On the contrary, if you know how to install standard ceiling speakers, you will completely avoid those errors. Not only ensures the efficiency after installation, but also ensures a very good aesthetic.

In general, to have a sound system that uses quality ceiling speakers, in addition to buying good products, you need to know how to install ceiling speakers for them to bring into full play their advantages.

How to install ceiling speakers in new construction?

How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

Step 1: Prepare tools and equipment before installing ceiling speakers

  • Choosing the right type of ceiling speaker and amplifier for ceiling speakers
  • Quality ceiling speaker wire is an indispensable accessory
  • Pliers to cut bones (bones), saws
  • Ceiling speaker mold for measuring and drawing ceiling holes
  • Music sources such as phones, computers, USB, microphones, etc.
  • Ladder, electric pen, masking tape, drill

Step 2: Survey the space and installation location of ceiling speakers

  • Before installing speakers, you should survey in advance the area of ​​​​the area to install the speaker layout at the most appropriate points. Currently, the most popular products that are very popular are Toa, Bosch, DB ceiling speakers, … because they have both high aesthetics and perfect sound quality.
  • Ceiling speakers have a round shape and cone-shaped corners, so when determining where to install ceiling speakers, you should choose the center positions or arrange the speakers symmetrically to spread the sound evenly.
  • When determining the installation location of ceiling speakers, it is necessary to pay attention to aesthetic factors and harmoniously combine with the room. For example, in combination with the ceiling light system.
  • Care should be taken when installing ceiling speakers, absolutely do not install them in the corner or next to the wall because it will make the sound not good.

Step 3: Drill holes to install ceiling speakers

After determining the location to install the speaker, we use the A-frame, use a speaker mold and a pen to draw a circle on the plaster ceiling. Then use a drill or saw to cut the plaster ceiling according to the drawing line.

When drilling holes to install ceiling speakers, you need to pay attention to:

  • Before sawing, you should use a knife along the engraved paper first so that when sawing, it will be faster and more beautiful.
  • When cutting and encountering plaster bone, use cutting pliers.
  • Always cut a hole larger than the speaker size to make it easier to install, but only leave about half an inch if it is too wide, it will make the installation uncertain and unsightly.
  • When performing hole cutting, you should wear glasses and a mask to prevent dust from entering your eyes and nose dangerously.
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

Step 4: Wiring to install ceiling speakers

This is the step that needs the ingenuity of the ceiling speaker construction and is also the most time-consuming step.

If you only install it for the family, it is not too difficult, but if you use it for a large space that requires a lot of wires and additional devices such as potentiometers, partition amps, then you definitely need technical support from the experts.

When wiring ceiling speakers, you can choose to go in series or parallel because the speakers have high impedance. If you need partitions, when building ceiling speakers, combine both series and parallel.

When wiring you can use rods or poles to support. In case you can’t go underground, you can use gene pipes.

Of course, in terms of aesthetics, it will not be as good as the case of going underground and costing more gene pipes. In return, when repairing, replacing faster.

Step 5: Construction and installation of ceiling speakers on plaster ceiling

  • After wiring, you will proceed to connect the ceiling speakers to each other and to the amp.
  • How to install ceiling speakers on a plaster ceiling. Depending on the speaker model, the mounting method may be different (clamp or screw).
  • Double check the stability after installing the ceiling speaker.
  • Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the speaker surface and surrounding position to remove dust when sawing holes.

Step 6: Post-installation testing

After completing the above steps, you should turn on the ceiling speaker and try it out to see if it encounters any errors or technical problems anywhere to have a solution.

Things to note when installing a ceiling speaker system

How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction
How To Install Ceiling Speakers In New Construction

In order for the system to work well after installing the ceiling speakers, with high efficiency and durability when in the process of installing ceiling speakers, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • To ensure that the speaker wire is installed with good signal transmission, when installing, the speaker wire must be installed on the plaster ceiling or wooden ceiling. In addition to the speaker wire, a cover should be used to avoid scratches, rat bites, and broken wires. Affects speaker signal transmission.
  • Select speakers with the appropriate length for the distance from the plaster ceiling to the concrete ceiling. Normally the guaranteed distance will be from 15cm to 60cm.
  • Select a high-quality amp line, with good performance, ensure stability when operating continuously for many hours, and design a good heat dissipation system.
  • When installing ceiling speakers on plaster ceilings, you need to prepare ladders, markers, bone cutters, .. so that you can measure and draw and drill holes to match the speakers. Normally, during the drilling process, it is inevitable that the plaster ceiling will be cut. But you can use specialized bone cutting pliers to handle this case.
  • Should choose to buy high-quality ceiling speakers at reputable addresses to ensure stable sound quality, and are warranted for errors or damage at no cost.
  • When installing ceiling speakers in addition to plaster ceilings, you can use them in wooden ceilings, plastic ceilings or metal ceilings. Pay attention when drilling holes, use specialized tools to cut holes more easily.


Above is an article on how to install technical standard ceiling speakers as well as important notes you need to remember when installing ceiling speakers.

We hope that the information we provide will help you gain more knowledge. Follow us for more useful information! See you in the next posts.

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