How to use construction robots Factorio? 5 steps

How to use construction robots Factorio?

Construction robots factorio are the most advanced construction machines in the game. They can do everything that a human player can do, but faster and with no need for sleep or breaks.

The problem is they’re really hard to use! There’s so many different technologies involved, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of them at once.

This guide will teach you how to use construction robots factorio like a pro! We’ll explain exactly what each technology does and how it affects your bots’ performance. You’ll learn about which robot parts work best together, when to upgrade your techs, and more!

How to use construction robots Factorio?
How to use construction robots Factorio?

What is Factorio?

Factorio is an intriguing game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies to automate production of goods, fighting enemies with everything from tanks all the way down to lonely little robots on wheels – use your imagination!

Factorio is an indie game created by the Czech programmer, Wube software. Players take control of their own planet to produce factories and other buildings across the land. How Factorio began was that the developer owned a computer factory in Europe which closed down. He wanted to purchase his machines back, but he also wanted to try something new with games. Which led him to the creation of Factorio.

What is Factorio?
What is Factorio?

What are construction robots?

The construction robots are one of the first concepts that players are taught how to use in factorio. They are built with 26 circuit boards, iron gear wheels, iron plates and some copper cables. These machines do not require tracks or roads for transport, but they need to be supplied with energy. How players can do this is by powering them through wall outlets or by using batteries.

Construction robots is a feature that has been added during the research of military technologies. Using it, we can build and maintain things even on hostile planets! How to use construction robots with pictures as examples – you will learn from this article.

Construction Robots uses Energy from electricity network or/and Portable accumulators for work. Energy consumption is equal to 8 E/s (1 E = 100 sec). It is constant value and cannot be increased.

Robots work in a radius of 15 tiles from the starting point, when they finish construction robots go back to the starting point or you can recall them with blueprint book.

Construction Robots don’t operate when there is no free space around the starting point. Also, the robots go back to their starting point any time when:

  • Energy is depleted;
  • Reach limit of construction radius (15 tiles);
  • Hostile creatures are detected in a perimeter.

There is no need for oxygen on this planets!

What are construction robots?
What are construction robots?

How to use construction robots factorio?

Construction robots can be used by the player to build up their inventory and hotbar items. They’ll return for charging at robot ports, but construction bots check if there’s still something in range before doing so!

Setting Up And Using Roboports In Factorio

When you place a roboport, it’s easy to see how the new logistics network will work. On every side of the green square with an orange circle inside is another indicator telling us about its perimeter and range in construction robots can detect materials from chests placed near this point within their reach ( indicated by red concentric circles).

These two numbers give players valuable information on where they need more or less coverage depending if other parts are unable t deliver certain resources like food sources do without human assistance!

To start building out your own automated supply chain simply choose “Plan Node” then pick one preprogrammed node type at each end – either North America-South America route via Mexico City; Europe West Africa Trade Route.

The construction area is the zone in which a player can place multiple roboports to increase both their logistics and construction networks’ effective size. Connected with yellow lines spanning between them, these robots are displayed when one hovers over any attached port for an instant overview of its function.

By placing a storage chest within the logistic network and providing it with materials needed, you can begin automating something like an assembly line or railway. For this example let’s say that I wanted to build my own coal mine near some trees so i would need about six Forestry Hoses (one 2×2) which is enough for two networks; one on each side of where they’re planting their tree seedlings!

Setting Up And Using Roboports In Factorio
Setting Up And Using Roboports In Factorio

If you are looking for a way to expand your logistics network, then start with building out an automated railway. This will allow the least amount of turns from where they want their new roboport built and should be placed next door so that it’s within construction zone too!

Construction robots are the perfect solution for reaching hard-to-reach areas, and this is where they can really shine. Place a passive provider chest in one of your logistics networks with roboports filled with logging devices to create an expansion that will have all necessary materials at hand when needed!

The final step in this process is to copy the rail, roboports and power nodes from one end of your railway template to another. Watch as robots work tirelessly for you!

Setting Up Logistics Storage In Factorio

In Factorio, players will need to upgrade their chests for the logistics network in order use things like stored belts and assemblers. There are several types of logistic chest that can be purchased from a trader or found while exploring – these vary depending on your needs! The basic function is still intact with each type:

  • Active Provider Chest: Will distribute materials via logistics robot until the chest is empty
  • Passive Provider Chest: Provides items when needed
  • Storage Chests will provide a specific amount of material after being requested by filters in Active or Passive providers chests.
  • Buffer Chests work as both
  • Requesters and Storers where you can set amounts for each type before requesting from either side depending on your needs!

The player has been given access through an update which includes new features such as storing items at random locations around town without any risk involved; they also receive rewards upon discovery by others who may have it before them already installed onto their machine’s inventory.

You can make train tracks out of chests! These little boxes work great to supply ammo, repairs or automate the delivery system for weapons that use ammunition. The best part? They’re compact enough so you don’t have carry fuel around with yourself all over town in Rust like before – now everything is stored safely under your bed until needed again (or if anyone else wants some)!

The player can create inventory filters that will resupply specified items when the player is inside of it. There’s also a trash function, which removes items from your inventory and places them into chests in logistics networks!

Now, you can create your own industrial empire with one simple click. Place radar dishes around the sprawling factory that’s been developed and tediously place belts, inserters–anything! Just copy-and-paste from our map for an instant location of resources to easily manage it all ingame without getting lost or stuck looking at a messy spreadsheet full of numbers any longer – everything is right there on screen so reference whenever necessary.

Why they’re important for your factory’s production efficiency:

You can now connect all your chests for better organization, which will save time and space on inventory management. How to use them:

The player is given a few options of where to place new roboports with starting power. The more you build, the more power that’s available! (Watch out though – it never hurts to upgrade your power lines with high-capacity copper cables for better transport!)

If you’re short on space around your factories, using roboports can help to automate part of the production processes which will allow you to better manage your resources later. How it works:

Place down a passive provider chest with one or more logistic robots in range of the logistic network they will supply.

The player is given a few options of where to place new roboports with starting power. How it works:

Connecting two roboports together allows robots to teleport between them form a new “Robot Network”.

Tips on how to get the most out of these robots

These guys work tirelessly for you, so free them up to run around town and do what they do best!

Place down a provider chest. Click the provider chest with one or more roboports in range of the logistic network they will supply.

Place down an active provider chest next to a requester chest.

Connecting two roboports together allows robots to teleport between them from a new “Robot Network”.

Place down an active provider chest next to a storage chest.

Connecting any number of roboports to the same network and setting one or more robots into the passive providers’ filter slots will supply items to all connected requests chests in its network.

Inserters can be used in filter slots of a passive provider chest and when connected to a robot network will add items to their request list.

Tips on how to get the most out of these robots 
Tips on how to get the most out of these robots

Common mistakes when using these bots and how to avoid them:

Failure to place any power poles or roboports could result in robots getting stuck. How to prevent it: Place down some power poles and/or roboports as needed! How to use them correctly.

The player will need to use the provided starting logistic robots manually but after that, they can be upgraded through research and they will offload their contents into passive provider chests and/or storage chests for safe keeping.


How do you make nanobots faster in Factorio?

The Nano Emitter is an item that you can equip to your gun. If there are any ghosts or blueprints within 7.5 tiles of the emitter, they will be automatically built on contact with it! The range and speed at which these bots move increases depending on how much tech has been researched- so get researching if wish them more quickly!

How do I add mods to Factorio?

Mods from the Mod Portal website can be accessed in-game through a special “Mods” option. Clicking on this will show all available mods for download, with players able to browse and install them automatically without having any knowledge about how it works behinds screen!

How to use Blueprints in Factorio?

To access your Blueprint Library, tap “B” or click the first button in the top-right of this screen.

You can create Blueprints using a tool that will let you do just that! It’s called The Blueprint Editor and its accessibility is highlighted by hitting ‘Alt+B’.


If you are looking for a way to automate your construction process, then this blog post is just what you need. We’ll share some of the best practices on how to use robots in Factorio and introduce new ways to play with your factory. You can also find out about all our latest updates by following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter!

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