Steel vs Concrete Construction – Which Is Better 2021

Steel vs Concrete Construction – Housing built with reinforced concrete is no longer strange, but in recent years, prefabricated steel houses have become more prominent thanks to their unique architecture, cost savings, and long life. ,…

Many investors also put these two house designs on the scale, comparing steel frame houses and concrete houses to see which model is better. Do not miss this article to find the most complete and accurate answer!


Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

Since primitive times, when people first appeared, they themselves were aware of the need to have a place to hide from wild animals, along with a place to sleep, a place to sit and eat.

At first, it was just stone niches to build houses, then new houses were formed made of wood, leaves, and gradually new materials were formed such as bricks, stone, sand, lime, and then reinforced concrete.

Housing was born to meet the needs of people who need a place to sleep, not alone, but for the whole family to live together.

Therefore, the house cannot be temporary, in a day or two, the wood and leaves are easily damaged under the influence of the external environment, so the birth of concrete has solved that problem.

Concrete houses have appeared in our country for a long time, also considered as one of the traditional house construction styles.

Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

There are countless types of houses and materials to build, but concrete houses and steel frame houses are the two most popular models.

It is also because there are two styles of houses, so many are also confused about which model to design and build.

Many customers come to Angcovat with the desire to answer that steel frame house or concrete house is better, that is, they have compared steel frame house and concrete house.

The house is a great asset both physically and mentally, so everyone wants the best future living space.

Therefore, the need to know the difference in each feature, nature and price of each type of house so that the investor can have the most overview, choose a good house model for family life. more wonderful.



Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

The house will be used for many years and then degraded is the first concern of each person when deciding to build a housing project.

Because the cost to build a house is not small, unlike buying a shirt to wear in a season, you can leave it but the house is completely different.

Building a house costs up to several hundred million, billions of dong, which is the living space of the whole family for a lifetime, so it needs certainty and sustainability. Therefore, when comparing steel frame houses and concrete houses, Angcovat has put this factor first.

According to architectural calculations, the lifespan of a concrete house will fall from 30 to 40 years from the time the house is completed, after which time the house will begin to deteriorate.

That is with common materials, if the house is more invested in both the quality of materials and construction techniques, the life can be extended up to 100 years.

However, we also have to face the reality that even if it is 100 years old, the house still has to be repaired a lot because over time, especially with the humid tropical monsoon climate with a lot of rain, the weather changes erratically then the house will definitely be moldy, the concrete walls will be patchy due to rain water.

Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

As for steel-frame housing, which has not yet been developed, but before that, there were many large projects in our country built with steel from the French colonial period until now, the most famous is the Opera House.

The work was built in the 20th century but so far is one of the works with beautiful architecture, lasting with time.

Thus, even though we do not know what a steel frame house is, admiring such massive architectural works is enough to see how durable steel is.

If the concrete house is only used for 30-40 years, the steel frame house has a life expectancy of more than a hundred years without change by the impact of time.

Thus, isn’t it much more profitable to build a prefabricated steel house than a concrete house, not only using a person’s life but also being able to pass time, it will exist with the family as well. a hundred year old friend.


Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

To compare steel frame houses and concrete houses in terms of bearing capacity, it is certain that prefabricated steel frame houses won’t be brittle.

Let’s find out why Angcovat insists that the steel frame design for residential buildings has better bearing capacity than reinforced concrete:

Concrete houses have been popular ever since and homeowners will also be assured by the construction contractor that it has the best bearing capacity.

It is very good indeed, but the best is not quite. We can easily design the tonnage for concrete houses, in addition to traditional housing projects such as 4-, 2-storey, 3-storey houses, now when designing high-rise apartments up to 20-30 floors, people Still using concrete.

Can see how good bearing capacity of concrete houses; However, there is a problem that we cannot directly verify at the construction work the quality and safety.

It is the disadvantages of concrete houses that steel buildings are thoroughly overcome; Because steel is mass-produced at factories, it should be checked for standard quality.

Moreover, the steel frame house is easy to design the tonnage but has a much smaller cross-section than the concrete house.

Compared to the properties of concrete and steel, steel has very good compressive, tensile, and bending strength, durability as well as high safety index.

With a house built of steel, homeowners can also take advantage of many architectural styles along with ensuring good quality for the house, strictly controlling for safety; Above all, saving construction materials is the basis for building cheap and cost-effective houses.


Steel vs Concrete Construction
Steel vs Concrete Construction

Knowing that steel frames bring so many benefits, concrete houses are still more popular for many years now, perhaps for the sole reason that the cost of materials to form concrete is relatively cheap.

As for steel, there are many different types, for housing construction, those types of steel are much more expensive than sand, gravel, and stone to form concrete. Therefore, homeowners have also chosen concrete houses to save the most costs.

However, one can lose the other, concrete houses have cheap materials costs but the construction time is long, so the cost of labor must also be more than steel frame houses.

Comparing the same construction area as above, building a steel frame house is only half the time it takes to build a concrete house;

Wouldn’t that save a lot of labor costs? After all, although it is more expensive in terms of material costs, thanks to the speed of construction, steel frame houses are still 10% – 15% cheaper than concrete houses.


From the comparison of steel vs concrete construction above, you already have your own answer about the structure of the house you intend to build.

Prefabricated houses with steel frames are designed and manufactured directly at factories, after being completed and strictly checked for quality, they are moved to the construction and installation site.

It is thanks to modern and advanced technology that steel frame houses have such durability and stability; Moreover, the price is cheap, construction is quick, only takes half the time compared to building a concrete house.

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