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What Are Construction Lines? Construction lines are a useful tool in the drawing process. They define shapes and help artists determine where to place details on their work.

Artists can use different kinds of construction lines depending on what they want to accomplish with their piece, but most often these lines are used as a guide for creating accurate proportions between parts of an object or scene.

In this post we will explore what are construction lines. Let’s get started!

What are construction lines?

What Are Construction Lines
What Are Construction Lines

Construction lines (additionally called xlines) are transient linework entities that may be used as references whilst developing and positioning different items or linework.

For example, you could use production traces to put together a couple of perspectives of the identical item, or create transient intersections to function item snaps.

Construction lines assist lay out small or particular elements of a layout on a sheet. You can draw them mechanically one at a time, in units of parallel strains, or freehand, factor by factor.

To draw a creation line, first specify a single datum factor via which the development line will pass.

What are object lines?

What Are Construction Lines
What Are Construction Lines

A visible line, or object line is a thick non-stop line, used to define the visible edges or contours of an object. Hidden Line.

A hidden line, additionally called a hidden item line is a medium weight line, made from brief dashes approximately 1/8” lengthy with 1/16”gaps, to reveal edges, surfaces and corners which can’t be seen.

What are the most common views on a multiview drawing?

Although six unique aspects may be drawn, generally 3 views of a drawing deliver sufficient facts to make a 3-dimensional object.

These views are called the front view, pinnacle view and quit view. Other names for those views consist of plan, elevation and section.

How do you use hidden lines?

What Are Construction Lines
What Are Construction Lines

Hidden lines are dashed lines used to symbolize inner capabilities which can be obscured by the object. These hidden lines constitute the obscured nook of the notch.

Hidden lines on this cartoon fall immediately in the back of visible traces in the proper facet view.

What kind of lines are used for hidden details?

Hidden details are proven with the aid of using a sequence of dashes making up a damaged line.

It is a regular exercise in which you do a sprint at the start of the hidden line and any other on the cease wherein it meets an intersecting line.

What is a Dimension line?

What Are Construction Lines
What Are Construction Lines

The dimension line is a fine, dark, strong line with arrowheads on every cease. It shows the course and quantity of a size.

In system sketches and drawings, wherein fractions and decimals are used for dimensions, the size line is generally damaged close to the center to offer open area for the size numerals.


What is the cause of construction lines in engineering?

The cause of construction lines is to provide you a definition of what you’re about to draw. Object traces are used for defining the form and giving it its principal capabilities.

What are the 3 principal views of an object?

Views are commonly decided on in order that maximum of the capabilities may be seen in the 3 principal views. The front, top, and left or proper facet views are most typically drawn.

Many gadgets are pretty complex, and the 3 principal views might not give the geometry of the part.


Construction lines are an important part of architectural drafting, and if you’re in the construction industry or want to be sure that your building plans comply with all applicable regulations, it’s vital that you learn how they work.

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