What Is A Chase In Construction – Amazing Guide 2021

What Is A Chase In Construction? Chase is a design feature used in both residential and commercial construction. They allow for the installation of electrical wiring and plumbing, as well as air ducts, that can be hidden from view.

Chases provide a convenient way to run these utilities through walls into rooms without tearing open the wall each time you need to get at them.

A chase is simply an empty cavity between two studs (or joists) that allows access to the area behind it. It’s basically like having your own private passage inside your home or office building.

What Is A Chase In Construction?

What Is A Chase In Construction
What Is A Chase In Construction

A chase, because it relates to new home construction, is a vertical area in a wall that gives a place for pipes or wires to run through.

These chases are positioned in a strategic manner in order that cables may be collected and run together.

A chase is actually established from a single open area to another. For example, it can run up a wall from the basement to the higher stage of your house or the attic.

Chases are much like conduits however larger. They permit for greater wires to run through their centers.

When you pass into a brand new home construct that makes use of chases, you’ll need to recognise wherein they’re earlier than you pound nails into the wall.

In maximum cases, a chase might be placed in a common wall. Once you’ve got decided wherein a chase is, you’ll want to recognise wherein the stud bays are placed.

The range of chases with a view to be utilized in your house will depend upon the range of rooms, the range of flooring and what kind of low-voltage wiring might be placed in.

Your home designer can come up with greater records about the chases in your house. The greater wiring your house requires, the more the range of chases.

If you’ve got any questions or would really like greater records concerning chases as opposed to conduits to your custom domestic plan, communicate with your house’s designer.

You and your house designer can speak your desires for your house and decide which alternative might be great to your new construct.

How to Chase Cables and Pipes Into a Wall

What Is A Chase In Construction
What Is A Chase In Construction

When you run pipes or cables up or alongside a wall, the best manner to hide the cables is via means of burying them or chasing them in the wall surface. You need to observe numerous suggestions while you are chasing pipes or cables into walls:

You have to keep away from reducing a chase at an attitude between the beginning and the end of a wall. Instead, a chase cut-out has to usually be horizontal or vertical among the begin and the wall’s end.

If you’re making a vertical chase, the chase has to not be deeper than 1/3 of the wall’s thickness. If you have trendy 3.9in (100mm) blocks or bricks, the chase has to not be deeper than 1.3in (33mm).

This intensity is ok for the set up of piping and cables, not making an allowance for the plaster coating.

If you’re making a horizontal chase, the chase has to not be deeper than 1/6 of the wall thickness. Therefore, when you have 3.9in (100mm) blocks or bricks, the horizontal chase intensity has to be 0.6in (16mm).

This is enough to put in the piping or the cables, not making an allowance for the plaster coating.

If you’re reducing chases on the other facets of the walls, you have to make sure that the chases aren’t in line.

This method that the chases have to not be back to back.

By adhering to the necessities that cables and pipes have to handiest be chased vertically or horizontally, you lessen the chance of the character using a nail into the wires or pipes.

Cutting a chase in a masonry wall weakens the wall shape. A horizontal cut weakens the wall shape extra than a vertical cut.

Putting Pipes and Cables Into the Chase

What Is A Chase In Construction
What Is A Chase In Construction

You have to make certain that you run the cable in a conduit. You may fit a steel or a plastic conduit. However, a plastic conduit is favorable due to the fact it’s far slender and could take a seat down nicely in the chase’s shallow depth.

Using a plastic conduit additionally allows you to keep away from the want for an earth bond, as in a steel conduit. It is simpler to run the cables thru the conduit earlier than you restore the conduit in place.

You have to use nails on both aspects of the conduit to maintain the tube in place. PVC channeling is the opportunity for a pipe.

You also can cross for steel channeling, however it must be earthed. While the use of channeling, you begin via a way of laying the cable in the chase after which role the channeling above it.

Ensure that you nail the channeling aspect flanges to the lower back of the chase.

If you’re laying copper pipework, you do not ought to use conduit. Copper pipework is inflexible enough. You best want to put it in the chase and steady it with the use of a few large-headed nails on both aspects.

How to Fill the Chase

What Is A Chase In Construction
What Is A Chase In Construction

After setting the cable or the pipe in place, you have to use an easy paint brush to comb the lower back and chase facets with the use of easy water.

Ensure that you follow an easy coat of PVA and adhesive at the lower back and facets of the chase and the conduit.

This will assist decorate the adhesion of the filler. The filler or the plaster can also additionally sag if implemented to a deep chase. To save you this, the plaster or the filler have to be in layers.


The Chase in Construction is the process of installing an envelope membrane to provide waterproofing and sheathing for buildings.

It can be used with any building type, but it’s most commonly seen on commercial or industrial structures that are subject to extreme temperatures or water exposure.

By using this method, builders save time by only having one contractor come out to install both materials at once. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your construction costs while saving time, contact us today!

We’ll help you find the right what is a chase in construction solution for your project needs.

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