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Construction is a phrase that is very familiar in our daily lives. Everyone will understand that construction is a very popular field and profession.

However, to fully understand and define the construction phrase, not everyone can. To understand in more detail “what is construction, what is site work in construction?” Find out through the article below!

What is construction?

What Is Site Work In Construction
What Is Site Work In Construction

Before answering the question what is site work in construction, we need to understand what construction is.

Construction is understood as a design and construction process to create infrastructure or houses or works.

Construction activities are different from manufacturing activities in that production creates a large number of products with similar details, while construction products are products at locations for each customer.

Construction activities range from the beginning of planning, design, estimating and construction to the time the project is completed and ready for use.

Although construction is often thought of as a stand-alone activity, in reality it is the result of many factors combined.

The project manager will be the first person responsible for managing the general work, then the investors, contractors, design consulting engineers, construction engineers, architects, supervision consultants. … is responsible for implementing, operating, and monitoring the project’s activities.

In order to have a certain successful project, an effective construction plan is required. That is: the design and construction are appropriate to the construction site and at the same time consistent with the budget given in the estimate.

What is site work in construction?

What Is Site Work In Construction
What Is Site Work In Construction

Talking about site work in construction, surely everyone will imagine that it is the product of the construction industry created by people operating in this field.

To put it simply, a construction project is a house, a school, a hospital, a road, a supermarket, an apartment building, etc. all that is built.

The most accurate and complete definition, “What is site work in construction” is: a product created by human labor, construction materials, equipment installed in the work, linked and located. with land, which may include below ground, above ground, below water and above water, built according to design.

Site work in construction includes public buildings, houses, industrial buildings, traffic, irrigation, energy and others.

Classification of site work in construction

What Is Site Work In Construction
What Is Site Work In Construction

The concept of “What is site work in construction” is very simple and easy to understand, so anyone who has heard it can grasp it.

However, about “construction works” is not simply a concept but also has many related issues. Classification of types of labor works is also important that you need to understand.

Site work in construction is classified into 5 main categories associated with each field in social life. We would like to score the following types of site work in construction:

– Civil works:

Including housing (private houses, apartment buildings, collective houses) and public works (educational, medical, sports buildings, religious and belief buildings, commercial, service and building buildings) offices of social, non-profit organizations and enterprises; train stations, headquarters of state agencies)

– Industrial works include:

Construction materials production works, Metallurgical and mechanical engineering works, Mining and mineral processing works, Petroleum works, Energy works, Chemical works, Light industrial works

What Is Site Work In Construction
What Is Site Work In Construction

– Technical infrastructure projects:

Included in this package of works include water supply, drainage, solid waste treatment, public lighting and other works such as cemeteries, crematoriums, parks, trees, parking lots, etc.

– Transport works:

Construction works in the package of traffic works include road works, railways, bridges, tunnels, maritime works, and aviation works.

– Agricultural and rural development projects:

Included in this package include irrigation works, dyke works, livestock production, cultivation, forestry, salt production, fisheries and other agricultural and rural development projects.


What Is Site Work In Construction
What Is Site Work In Construction

What is a construction site?

The site includes all areas related to the construction and construction process.

It includes the construction site, the site for gathering construction materials, machinery, and the site of technical and material facilities at the construction site.

It is a place to serve the construction process and the life of workers at the construction site.

Why is it necessary to arrange the construction site in order?

Because the site includes all areas related to the construction and construction process, if it is not arranged neatly, many difficulties will arise for workers during the construction process.

In addition, unscientific ground design and untidy layout are also the direct causes of occupational accident risks such as falling materials, collisions between workers and machinery and equipment…


Site work in construction is classified into many categories and each type has small categories so many people will find it difficult to understand and remember.

However, because each type is associated with each field of social life, we are met every day, so we only need to look at actual works to classify, not necessarily remember machines like in the literature. regulations, regulations.

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